Define Your Value and Grow Your Personal Brand

One Woman’s Journey to Career Bliss

August 3, 2017

Meet Joyce.  Read about her Journey. Understand it’s possible to know yourself, love your job and find happiness in your career.   API Advocate Suffers Workplace Identity Crisis  

Start Career Mapping to Find Your Perfect Job Fit

June 25, 2017

You can’t figure out where you’re going until you know where you are, so the first thing you should do is take stock. “Think of yourself as a project,” recommends Jeanne Patti, a career coach who advises clients on career mapping. “Conduct a discovery of yourself, and think of this as the most important collection…

5 habits of highly likable people | Ladders

May 18, 2017

When the behaviors are ‘built in’, it’s easy for us to see them as right. Habits slowly build from this repeated behavior,” adds Jeanne Patti, a career coach. “If we ourselves don’t see the habits forming or those around us don’t call us out on them, these behaviors can become chronic and can negatively affect our character…

6 Resume Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs – Glassdoor Blog

April 14, 2017

When you’re applying to multiple jobs, it’s tempting to use a generic, cookie-cutter resume and blast it out everywhere you’re applying to. But that strategy may end up preventing your resume from getting in a recruiter’s hands at all. “Most resumes are reviewed electronically before a human sees them,” shares career coach Jeanne Patti, and…

7 Executives Share Their Top Tips For Overcoming Self-Doubt – Glassdoor Blog

March 24, 2017

“I’ve trained myself to refocus and find a new way to build on my expertise. I’ll go out and find the latest new tips, tools, and best practices to share with my clients. Expertise and confidence go hand in hand, so when I begin to feel self-doubt setting it, I stop and refocus my efforts…

5 Reasons Why ProFinder is for Everyone

February 8, 2017

If you can choose only two things to do to grow your career (or find one you love), my advice is to Take Action every day and surround yourself with Like-Minded People. There is a tool out there that serves both of these well and it’s ProFinder! For those of you who may not know…

10 Entrepreneurs Share Their Most Memorable Mentor-Taught Lessons

February 6, 2017

“I had an amazing mentor named Bob for 10 years, and his advice still gets me into action every day. When we’d meet, I’d want to be celebrating an accomplishment, like gaining the biggest client contract to date. He would respond by asking me how I was getting ready to solve the next problem. Every…

7 Ways To Use Your Personality Quirks To Become More Successful & Happy In Life

December 27, 2016

I spoke with Jeanne Patti, CTS CMQOE, solution provider, trainer, and coach. “There are 16 temperaments, we are born with one and we don’t get to choose which one we get. So this core is the foundation of all things ‘you.’ Source: 7 Ways To Use Your Personality Quirks To Become More Successful & Happy…

Top 10: Ways to Make Your Job Postings More Engaging Blog

December 5, 2016

Veer from the summary, skills, and requirements sections. Instead, begin by highlighting your company’s personality and culture through a story. Stories resonate deeply with people, and those who would thrive in your type of a culture will naturally be attracted and want to learn more. — Jeanne Patti, Career Coach, Source: Recruiter Top 10:…

Are You an Idealist?

December 3, 2016

Do you find yourself striving to discover who you are and how you can become your best possible self? If so, it could very well be that you were born with an Idealist Temperament! Part 2 of a 4 part Series Here’s the Deal. There are 16 temperaments, we are born with 1 and we…

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