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Moving independently into your second career can be a powerful and positive experience.  The vast majority of you have landed here because you have the passion and desire to accomplish, work through challenges and make a difference with all of the experience, skills and talent you bring with you.

I'm certain that each of you can do it on your own.  The variable is how much time do you want to spend "figuring it out" rather than jumping in and building your business?  

The modules of the program are designed to address, define and implement the critical components of business in today's market to set you up for success.  

I sold my first successful business before the age of 30 and had both consulting and service  businesses during the decade I spent in corporate.  When the time came to transition out and build a B2C business, the most difficult piece was understanding how quickly the game can change and what's most important this year, this month, this week!  Because of that, I built this advisory program.  


Temperament Assessment & Training ($179.00 value)

Business Selection (long term fit with your temperament and preferences)

Business Model Design (long term fit with your temperament and preferences)

(8) one on one - advisory sessions with me to define and address the core components of your business approach, design and implementation.

An action plan after each session that addresses the critical areas that are most important for your business and will help fill the gaps where your expertise is lacking.

Personal Branding Strategy

Target Businesses/Clients selection and Strategy

Customer Engagement & Process Strategy

Continuous Improvement Strategy 

A Personal Business Guide© that includes business selection, the best model (fit) for you, personal branding and target businesses/clients, along with your customer engagement & process design along with your continuous improvement strategy  that you can use to drive your business success moving forward.


As a bonus to this program, you will also receive The LinkedIn and Social program to learn how to gain attraction to the companies and clients that are a great match for your business service(s).  ($375 value)

I also have an "open door" coaching style, which means any time you have questions or run into a road block, I'll be here to help you through it and keep you moving forward so each 1 to 1 session is filled with great value. 

Program Cost:  $2800.00


Free Phone Consultation Call

Let's connect so I can learn more about what's causing the pain in your career and I can also answer any questions you may have.

Choose the Best Approach for You and Your Timeframe

After our call, you'll  have much greater clarity to choose the best approach and time frame for you and your business goals.

Schedule Dates and Times

Get your sessions in the calendar to save those dates and times.

Get Started!

Let's connect so I can learn more about what's causing the pain in your career and I can also answer any questions you may have.


I'd like to offer you a free phone consultation to hear more about your goals and where you're at in the process today.  In addition, we can take the time to answer any questions you may have to learn if this is a good fit for you.


"Jeanne has helped me to realize exactly what I want out of my life and career."

Chicago, Illinois

"Jeanne opened up new avenues in my way of thinking to grow my business."

Madison, Wisconsin

"I can't recommend her highly enough."

United Kingdom

"Jeanne delivers results."

Manchester, United Kingdom

"Jeanne was hands down the best mentor I have had in my career."

Madison, Wisconsin

"She was spot on to help me get back on top of my game."


Madison, Wisconsin


"Her sizable bank of knowledge and experience is without question."

United Kingdom

"Jeanne is a source of focus and confidence and delivers results and great value."


"Jeanne sets you on your way with new tools and a fresh outlook on what you have to offer and how to achieve it.."

— SARAH, IT Transformation Consultant
London, UK

"Jeanne does an excellent job of articulating very clear actions that helps you to progress your professional career to the next level."

Rockford, IL 

"Jeanne has a talent of getting to the core of the issue very quickly."

United Kingdom

"The most well though out and delivered training I have ever experienced."

Madison, Wisconsin

"Jeanne is extremely knowledgeable about coaching high potential employees to achieve superior business results."

— JOSH, Director of Customer Services
Madison, Wisconsin

"Jeanne’s Career Dynamics process is extremely helpful at putting everything into perspective and provides a clear plan to move forward."


"Jeanne was 100% committed to helping me move forward."

Madrid, Spain

"Jeanne does an excellent job of mentoring and coaching, while using your temperament to find and do what you love! I would highly recommend Jeanne."

— DEVIN, Process Improvement & Health Literacy
Madison, Wisconsin

"Jeanne’s process will empower you to make the changes you want in your career and life."

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Working with Jeanne has been nothing short of a revelation!"

London, England 

"Jeanne knows this stuff inside and out."

Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom

"Jeanne is an outstanding talent and professional."

Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

"Jeanne has a passion for quality and customer satisfaction."

Bozeman, Montana

"I find her positive attitude quite engaging."

Tokyo, Japan

"Jeanne’s is always checking in to ensure I get as much from our sessions as possible."


"Jeanne encouraged me to have the conviction to follow and achieve my goals."

Victoria, Australia 


I engaged Jeanne when I needed assistance in relation to a challenging career change that I was contemplating. From the outset, Jeanne was a source of focus and confidence. She uses highly effective questioning techniques as part of her thorough processes and systems. She has an excellent ability to analyse the verbal responses and those from the homework. This enabled her to identify in detail, the best types of work for me to focus on, based on my temperament, personality type and lifestyle plans. This left me feeling confident and motivated about my direction. Her nature makes working with her a pleasure. Overall Jeanne delivers results and great value.

Gary, CEO - Australia

Jeanne's work on temperament and career dynamics is quite simply life changing. She not only takes the usual personality test assessment and adds a totally new and hugely insightful layer on top of it, she then helps you interpret that information to understand who you really are and what career is best suited to you. Work with her. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Lauren, Social Media - UK

Working with Jeanne has been very rewarding. She is very passionate about her work and enjoys sharing her knowledge about human behaviors, personalities and its impact on professional life. She does an excellent job of articulating very clear actions that helps you to progress your professional career to the next level. She is very flexible and pleasant to work with and is full of energy. I wish Jeanne a lot of success and highly recommend her to others as well..

Dhairyashil, Engineering Leader - Illinois, USA

Jeanne's coaching and teaching on temperament has significantly helped me clarify my thoughts, actions and passions that drive me personally and professionally. I think her approach is different and more valuable from many other coaches who do not utilize temperament because it addresses who you really are, allowing you to make better and more effective decisions that align with your personality. Jeanne’s process will empower you and give you the tools and direction to help you make the changes you want in your career and life.

Scott, Operations Director - Milwaukee, WI

Jeanne has a unique way of leveraging temperament information to help lead you to a career and life that is the perfect fit for you. This is not like any other training you've ever received. She personalizes her process to ensure you have a strong understanding of your core temperament and uses this to highlight your talents, needs, and passions. She also provides ideas and guidance to help you through the change process.

When you feel lost in your career (or personally) and need help finding direction, or what's next, Jeanne is the person I would recommend. Her sessions build nicely off one another and were spot on to help me get back on top of my game.

Julie, Transformation Leader - Madison, WI

 Jeanne's extensive experience coupled with her enthusiasm, friendly and approachable personality as well as her commitment to the cause will continue to change people's lives.  If you want to work with someone who will not only deliver results but do it in a way that is fun and engaging then Jeanne is definitely the person you are looking for!

Macca, PhD - Manchester UK

I can't say enough about how happy I am to have worked with Jeanne to help clarify what direction I should take my career/business. Her Career Dynamics process is extremely helpful at putting everything into perspective and providing a clear plan on moving forward. Her positive attitude is infectious and she genuinely cares about her client's success.

Chantal, Market Research - Canada

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Certified Temperament Specialist - Keirsey

Assessed, trained and coached 1000+ individuals

Certified Manager of Quality and Excellence - American Society of Quality

Senior member since 2007


Glassdoor New 2017


In the course of a diverse 20-year career in business ownership, development and corporate leadership, Jeanne Patti has proven to be an accomplished business analyst, visionary leader and an expert in customer and employee engagement. Prior to starting her own Coaching and Advisory Firm, Jeanne had built and sold her first business by the age of 30.  She also led the design of customer processes for the merger which formed the largest builder in the state, raising customer satisfaction to #1 in the country in the industry.

Jeanne Patti is a Temperament Certified Professional in which she provides leadership in business excellence through quality and process driven improvements, employee and customer engagement, leadership development, and business model design to find the best fit for long term success.

Jeanne has earned the internationally recognized certification as Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence from the American Society for Quality. This prestigious certification requires 10 years of leadership in quality and organizational excellence.