If you can choose only two things to do to grow your career (or find one you love), my advice is to Take Action every day and surround yourself with Like-Minded People. There is a tool out there that serves both of these well and it's ProFinder!

For those of you who may not know about it or haven't jumped in yet, ProFinder is a tool here on LinkedIn that has a purpose. A very clear purpose for each of us depending on where we are in our career or business life cycle.

How I Began.

When I first began using ProFinder, it was all about gaining new clients. People go onto ProFinder to find a "Pro" in the category or services they are looking to gain help in. I found that there were categories that aligned nicely with my business services. What happened next is pure magic!

I joined and entered my categories (Career Coaching,Business Coaching, Brand Consulting andLeadership Development). The next thing you know, I began getting qualified leads in my inbox every day. These are the best leads I have ever gotten in business and I have owned businesses on and off for over 25 years!  This is the real deal folks.

What happened next I couldn't have imagined!

As I learned more about the additional categories outside of my services, I began using this as a core tool for my clients that wanted to step out on their own. Once we define the services they are offering in their business, it's right to ProFinder to get them set-up to gain qualified leads in their Inbox starting....now! Talk about a great venue to kick-start your business!

Now let's take a moment to talk ethics. This is an amazing forum and we as service providers need to ensure we are qualified and offering great value to the people who want to use our services. OK, enough said.

ProFinder has clearly come full circle for me and my business. I find amazing Like-Minded clients here by Taking Action every day, and many of my clients jump right in to do the same.

Five Reasons Why it's for Everyone!

  1. If you're someone looking for a service (example -- wanting to grow your career or start your own business), you'll be able to get 5 bids from qualified providers and you can choose the best fit for you!
  2. If you're a service provider, qualified leads will fall into your Inbox and you can choose the best leads that nicely match your services and submit an introduction and proposal.
  3. If you want to have work that fits your unique life and schedule needs, you can provide a service that matches your experience and skill set and take on as much work as you'd like, when you'd like it. (Examples -- Virtual Assistant, Writer, Event Coordinator)
  4. If you're early in your career you can find coaches and mentors to help you grow in the right direction so you won't end up going backwards to go forwards.
  5. If you're mid-career and looking to find a better work/life style, you can use your experience and skill sets you've acquired over the years and branch out on your own by offering these services.
  6. If you're late career and want to keep an income, yet live life on your terms (you bet you deserve it!), you too can jump in and help people who will surely benefit from your life long experiences, talents and skills.

Okay, I realize that was 6 reasons and I'm sure I can drum up a few more if I thought for a moment. The point is that this is an Amazing Tool at an amazing time for so many of us. Are you jumping on board?

Your Career

If you're interested in learning more about how you can grow your career or business, you can find additional information and resources on my website.

For over a decade, Jeanne Patti has trained over 1000 people in leadership, improvement and talent (temperament). In addition, she has built and sold several businesses and advised solo business owners on strategy and growth over the course of 20 years. It is with this combination that she is bringing life changing solutions to people in their businesses and careers.

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