Hello, I'm Jeanne.

It is my belief and experience that every person has a unique value to share in their own way that allows them to grow in a place that feels like home for them.  I stand for every human being able to grow to their greatest potential (or how far they choose to go) without others in power hindering their growth and have the tools and support of like-mineded people to do so.

My Story

After moving back to my home town after college, I spent a few years working in organizations where I wasn't able to give a snippet of the value, passion and energy I had to give.  I remember to this day going to my parent's house (the cleanest house in town) on a Saturday morning.  I plopped on my Mom's bed and said "I can't do this anymore."  Her response? "I've taught you how to clean, why don't you do that until you figure things out?"  

It sparked an idea.  A few days later I walked into the Sales Center of a new gated community that was just beginning to be built.  I stepped up to the woman standing at the desk and asked "do you need help cleaning your sales center?" The answer was "YES, we just came from a meeting and decided to hire an outside service."  I officially had my first business. And that woman from the front desk?  She became my good friend and an amazing referral source.

Over the next 6 years I went on to build a large service business.  First with the sales center and their new home models and then expanding to homeowners and corporations who purchased in the community. I kept seeing more opportunity and was able to expand my services to my loyal customers and went on to include caretaking during the winter months and corporate catering for golf and winter events.  I was having the time of my life!

What Happened Next

I was approached to sell my business and ultimately did just that. I sold my first business at the age of 32.  I was ready to take on the world.  I built a second business and I failed it miserably.  Although it was painful and I felt completely misunderstood by my family and a few friends, it was the most important lesson I have learned in my life.  Everything about my role in the business was the opposite of how I'm hard-wired.  I was living in an extrovert's world, in a business that required the same logistics day after day.  Building it and carrying out the vision was super engaging  and it was very successful starting out, yet I quickly got bored and frustrated with the logistics and stabilization required. This clearly was the biggest ah-hah moment of my career.  I had a new understanding of myself.  This is where I began my fascination with temperament.  

My Dad was super successful in corporate, and I always felt I was missing something.  So I jumped in feet first and spent the next 12 years in multiple industries, some dynamic, others quite boring yet were paying top dollar.  I lead with the value I had gained from owning and growing my business.  I learned valuable new frameworks (Six Sigma) and business strategies working mergers, acquisitions and large scale change.   After a few job changes, I was faced with the reality that I was becoming devalued.  My skill set wasn't growing. Instead, I sat "patiently" waiting for the promised promotions that never came to fruition. Yet at the same time, I was bored out of my mind and felt so terribly under valued.  Boredom and watching yourself become devalued hurts.   

I spent the next year figuring it out, figuring out how to find my forever "next" with the goal of never being devalued or bored again.  I focused first on my temperament (how I''m hard-wired) then dove into my most valuable skills, passions, experiences and ultimately, the equation to build wealth in the best way for me.  Today, I'm in the best place of my entire career and envision growing my expertise for decades to come.  One of the biggest ah-hah moments for me (and my clients!) is that you don't need to leave your past behind.  Instead, there is a way for each of us to take it all with us!  I'm using all the tools, strategies and frameworks I've learned and am able to continue to grow to my greatest potential each and every day.  And best of all, I'm back in a position to grow my expertise as far as I choose.  I'm all in and loving every minute of every day, helping amazing people like you find the place where you can add your greatest value and grow to your greatest potential. 

This Brings us to Today.

It's a blessing and an honor to spend my days helping people like you discover your greatest value and where best the unique fit is for you to reach your potential.  Whether it be for a corporation, small or mid-size company, large corporation or out on your own, we will find the best fit for you.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.  I'd love to hear your story. 


Certified Manager of Quality and Excellence - American Society of Quality

Senior member since 2007

Certified Temperament Specialist - Keirsey

Assessed, trained and coached 1000+ individuals



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