Are You an Artisan?

Does living a life filled with action and freedom make you tick and give you a sense of being alive? If so, it could very well be that you were born with an Artisan Temperament!

Part 1 of a 4 part Series

Here’s the Deal. There are 16 temperaments, we are born with 1 and we don’t get to choose which one we get!

It boggles my mind that temperament has been around for 2000 years yet rarely does anyone teach us this stuff. And this “stuff”? It’s life changing. It’s self validating. It drives our self esteem and confidence. When we veer to far from it, we loose ourselves. It has a huge impact on our happiness in our jobs and in our life. It has an impact on every one of our relationships in our personal lives. It has an impact on everyone of our relationships in our work life…. Getting the idea? Kind of important stuff, hey?

In this article, we’re going to focus on Artisans. In the following weeks, we’ll concentrate on each of the other temperaments.

Artisans are amazing individuals that bring color and fun to our lives!

You know you’re an Artisan when you do or say something, it has flair, it’s spectacular, done with finesse or style, it has a “wow” factor to it.  You feel right at home when you are being bold, daring and courageous!

You also know you’re an Artisan when you feel amazing when you can defy the odds and pull off the impossible. And oh, don’t forget about your excitement with that adrenaline building thing you get to slay. You also have this envious talent to adapt, improvise, and make things happen with very little to go off of.

Artisans are amazing indeed!

Another clue you or someone you know may have an artisan temperament? Here are some things Artisans in my life say.

“Variety IS the Spice of Life”

“If it’s not fun, it’s a Waste of Time”

“I hated my last job. It was like a straight-jacket, NO flexibility!”

Each one of the 16 temperaments has a different style about them.

Here’s a simple example to help understand what I mean by style. All 16 temperaments could (and do) get involved in photography. The Style and preference by which they conduct photography is very different. A Rational photographer may very well be all about the technology to achieve results. An Idealist could fall in love with the art of capturing people’s feeling. A Guardian photographer’s goals may be to capture traditional events to preserve their memory. An Artisan? Quite likely they may prefer to capture creative, bold and daring photographs!

There are 4 unique Artisan temperaments, each one bringing a different style to how they approach work and relationships.

These 4 Artisans types make up roughly 40% of our population, and thank goodness for that. Without them, we’d be missing out on a lot of fun, excitement and adventures!

So if you indeed are an artisan (or you have one in your life!) don’t forget to let these amazing core talents and preferences shine through in the work and jobs your choose. By doing this, you will be more confident and happy and bring the best “you” to whatever you’re doing. The world is awaiting your artistic, audacious and adaptable style!

In the next series we’ll be taking a closer look at Idealists.

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