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Personalized Coaching

In the Kick-Start Program, you will go through a deep thought process that includes clearly defined steps and personal 1 on 1 support as you move through each stage of the program. 

As we move through the process, you will be seeing things through so many new lenses including your greatest value.  The result will be clarity and confidence in your direction as you move towards fulfillment in your life and career.

Discovery (1)

The purpose behind the discovery portion of the program comes from the Six Sigma Continuous Improvement methodology.  By conducting a thorough discovery and collecting all of the "data" around all things you, we ensure to find not just a solution, but the right solution for you and your life. 

Temperament is the foundation from which all of the other pieces are built upon.  If we don't get that right from the onset, everything can fall apart.  Because of this we start with ensuring we have the right temperament match for how you're hardwired.  From there, all the additional pieces fall in place. If you'd like to dig deeper into understanding how temperament plays into things, you can find more here. 

The discovery as well the other key pieces in the process are customized to you.  Everyone I work with receives the core set of exercises, yet as I learn more about you, I'll be adding on the important extras for you uniquely to ensure we find the best fit for you moving forward.

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Solutions (2)

You will have clarity when we find the best solution for you.  This is because we come at things from so many different directions in the discovery, that when the solution presents itself, there is no denying the fit.

When we get to the solutions, you simply won't see things the same as you do reading this today.  Because of all of the learning and new lenses you're seeing things through, it will look and feel different, and that's a good thing.

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Personal Branding (3)

Once we get through the solutions stage, it's onto branding to articulate your greatest value.  This includes a complete LinkedIn refresh to ensure your profile is built using keywords to their greatest advantage to grow you in the algorithms.  The #1 mistake people make is that they are branded for where they've been.  Instead we are going to brand you for where you're going using job transferable skills. People are looking for you and your value right now, they simply don't know how to find you!

At this point in the process, everyone is in a unique position with who their target "audience" is.  This is the person or people who are happy to pay you for your value.  Because of this, the branding could include additional forums such as a landing page and/or social media.  It is uniquely dependent on who you are bringing value to and where those people are likely to visit you.   

Lastly, for those of you transitioning to another employer (versus going out on your own) A new resume/cv is also included.  So many times we think this is the first thing we need to change, yet once we define your greatest value and build out your profile, this will fall right into the resume template that is proven to get through those tricky ATS systems. 

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RECAP for you

What’s Included for You in the Process:

  •  (6)  1-1/2 hour – One on One personal coaching sessions with me on Zoom video conferencing.  This allows us to have face to face coaching without travel time which keeps the cost down for you.
  • Weekly exercises and action plans to have you seeing things through new lenses to keep you moving forward through the process.
  • Discovery of your personal Temperament Dynamics to gain a clear understanding of the "style" by which you will be successful.
  • LinkedIn Personal Branding and Resume/CV development that articulates your greatest value (where you're going versus where you've been) and keeps you relevant in the job market
  • Networking Best Practices for Today’s Job Market and when possible, personal connections with recruiters and potential employers and hiring managers.
  • Personal Interviewing Guide that will keep you calm and focused on your value
  • A Personal Career Guide© that we'll be building through the sessions that you be using in your career and life choices moving forward to ensure you stay focused on the right things.

Are you Ready to learn more? 

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