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One on One Career Coaching Program

This personalized Career Coaching Program is designed to set you up to grow to your greatest potential and it’s customized to fit your unique self.  In other words, there is no “one size fits all” program.  Instead, as we move through each of the areas of focus, I’ll direct the exercises and sessions to ensure you reach your desired outcome and goals.

Think of yourself as a project. We will be conducting a discovery of “You” and this will prove to be the most important collection of ‘data’ you will have in your career. Through this discovery we will identify your innate talents, valuable skills, passions, and define the best area of expertise for you to grow however far you want to take it!  We also investigate what excites you and makes you feel engaged and will allow you to make a difference every day. This framework will be the foundation as we build your Personal Career Guide© and head into the implementation phase of the program.

Once the discovery is complete, it’s onto building your brand and showcasing your value. Whether you work for an employer or go out on your own, a brand is essential in today’s job market. This includes building out an All-Star Profile (it’s a real thing) on LinkedIn and other appropriate sites based on your target employers/clients and industries.

What’s Included for You:

  (6)  1-1/2 hour – One on One personal coaching sessions with Jeanne

  Weekly action plans to keep you moving forward

  Discovery of Core Temperamant Dynamics (how you’re hardwired) to ensure best career path & match for you going forward.


  Brand Development & LinkedIn Profile Refresh

  Proven steps to Market Your Brand (Value) to Recruiters and Potential Employers

  Networking Best Practices for Today’s Job Market

  Interviewing Techniques that will keep you calm and focused on your value

  Your Personal Career Guide© that includes role selection, personal branding and target organizations/industries that you can use in your career and life choices moving forward.

You have the option of an accelerated program with each session 1 week apart for the same cost.  Results are the same, it’s simply up to your preference and sense of urgency.

How it Works:

Before and between each session, you’ll receive exercises that you”ll need to complete roughly 48 hours before each session.  These exercises build on each other throughout the program and help define & shape the perfect direction for you moving forward.


Your exercises take on average 2 hours each for Sessions I and II, and up to 4 hours each for sessions III and IV.  Our 1 on 1 sessions are action packed and full of information and insights (ah-hah moments guaranteed!) that will prepare you for the next phase of learning.

What’s Different!

My clients share that my style of coaching is quite different from other coaches they’ve been in contact with.  I have an “open door” coaching style, which means any time you have questions or run into a road block between sessions, I am here to help you through it and keep you moving forward so each 1 to 1 session is filled with the greatest value.

In addition, the career world is changing quickly.  Once you become a client, you will be added to my client e-mail list where I consistently share updates for you with changes on LinkedIn, along with timely updates on branding best practices to keep you continually growing and moving forward.

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2019 Branding & Networking Bonus!

LinkedIn & Resume Redo that is Proven to Increase Activity and Bring Attention to Your Value and Brand!

As a bonus to this program you will also receive The LinkedIn & Resume Brand Builder that will teach you how to gain Attraction from recruiters / companies or clients looking for your value and services.  Once you gain attraction, you will also learn how to grab their attention!  This includes a step by step refresh of your LinkedIn Profile (Brand) and Resume along with Interviewing and Networking best practices in today’s job market.   ($575 value)


Get “Unstuck” and Kick-Start Your Career with Clarity & Action.

Deep Dive: 

Grow Your Career & Brand 1:1 Coaching Program  +  LinkedIn Brand Builder  +  Unlimited 8 week coaching

Deep Dive with Continued Accountability: 

Grow Your Career & Brand 1:1 Coaching Program  +  LinkedIn Brand Builder  +  Unlimited 16 week coaching

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Certified Temperament Specialist – Keirsey

Assessed, trained and coached 1000+ individuals

Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence:  American Society of Quality

Senior member since 2007


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“Jeanne’s process will empower you to make the changes you want in your career and life.”

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“I wish I had found Jeanne sooner. The best money you will spend for career assistance.”

Chicago, Illinois

“Jeanne has helped me to realize exactly what I want out of my life and career.”

Chicago, Illinois

“Within in three days of my re-branding, I was contacted by a recruiter and the rest is history.”

Chicago, Illinois

“I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

United Kingdom

“So while Jeanne is backed by science, test results and *gasp* the homework she gives, it is that something extra Jeanne can put her finger on that makes her the best.”

Chicago, Illinois

“Jeanne’s  system and process allows for much more than just cosmetic changes to get another job…”

Chicago, Illinois

“Jeanne constantly went above & beyond to help me out!”

Oak Brook, Illinois

“Jeanne opened up new avenues in my way of thinking to grow my business.”

Madison, Wisconsin

“I would recommend her to any professional who needs help discovering their true career path.”

— PAIGEGreen Bay, Wisconsin

“Jeanne’s program brought out the self-knowledge I needed to describe my strengths during job interviews.”

— DEREKSan Fransisco, California

“Jeanne delivers results.”

Manchester, United Kingdom

“Jeanne is a source of focus and confidence and delivers results and great value.”


“There was no solution-jumping, only a well thought out process of discovery.”

Chicago, Illinois

“Jeanne has given me the tools to understand the value of my talent as a person and a professional.”

Greater Milwaukee Area, Wisconsin

Jeanne taught me the value of being true to myself and still be a real entrepreneur in this modern virtual world.”

Manitowoc, Wisconsin

“Jeanne was determined to see me through the finish line, going above and beyond the call of duty throughout the journey.”

Minneapolis – St. Paul, Minnesota

“I would not hesitate to work with her again.”

Chicago, Illinois

“Jeanne has been instrumental in guiding me in career decisions.”

Greater Chicago Area, Illinois

“She was spot on to help me get back on top of my game.”


Madison, Wisconsin

“Her sizable bank of knowledge and experience is without question.”

United Kingdom

“Having Jeanne is my corner is amazing!”

Great Chicago Area, Illinois

“I would absolutely work with Jeanne again and would recommend her to anyone looking to make a change in their career.”

Chicago, Illinois

“Jeanne has had a significant impact on where I see myself in the future!”

London, United Kingdom

“Jeanne sets you on your way with new tools and a fresh outlook on what you have to offer and how to achieve it.”

— SARAH, IT Transformation Consultant
London, UK

“I’ve found Jeanne’s insights to be (scarily) accurate, and she’s helped me to see why some work environments and positions have suited me better than others.”

— FIONAHobart, Tasmania

“Jeanne was hands down the best mentor I have had in my career.”

— MEGANMadison, Wisconsin

“Jeanne does an excellent job of articulating very clear actions that helps you to progress your professional career to the next level.”

Rockford, IL 

“Jeanne has a talent of getting to the core of the issue very quickly.”

United Kingdom

“The most well though out and delivered training I have ever experienced.”

Madison, Wisconsin

“I would recommend Jeanne to anyone that is truly looking to get back on track with their career and really finding the next step.”

— RINDY, Account Manager
Westfield, Indiana

“Jeanne is extremely knowledgeable about coaching high potential employees to achieve superior business results.”

— JOSH, Director of Customer Services
Madison, Wisconsin

“Jeanne’s Career Dynamics process is extremely helpful at putting everything into perspective and provides a clear plan to move forward.”


“Jeanne was 100% committed to helping me move forward.”

Madrid, Spain

“Jeanne does an excellent job of mentoring and coaching, while using your temperament to find and do what you love! I would highly recommend Jeanne.”

Madison, Wisconsin

“Working with Jeanne has been nothing short of a revelation!”

London, England 

“Jeanne knows this stuff inside and out.”

Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom

“Jeanne is an outstanding talent and professional.”

Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

“Jeanne has a passion for quality and customer satisfaction.”

Bozeman, Montana

“I find her positive attitude quite engaging.”

Tokyo, Japan

“Jeanne’s is always checking in to ensure I get as much from our sessions as possible.”


“Jeanne encouraged me to have the conviction to follow and achieve my goals.”

Victoria, Australia 


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