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Guardian - Their World

Did you know that temperament is observable?  We can listen to what people say and watch what they do to gauge their temperament.  And remember, when I'm referring to temperament, it means how people are  hard wired - their natural preferences.

When it comes to Guardians, they prefer to talk about real and concrete things on solid and dependable topics.  Because of this they can be very good at small talk.  To their core they are cooperative and do what is right by following the rules.  Things like cooperation, compliance and conformity are things you can observe in Guardians every day.

Guardian Temperaments (1)

Each of the 4 Guardians have similar preferences, yet each unique temperament has it's own style.  Why is this important to know when it comes to our careers?  Because that style tells us our purpose in life.  So if we follow our purpose, it will be a natural way to grow to our potential and give the greatest value to the people we are serving.

It's important to bring up character here because it takes a deep understanding of both our temperament and character to fully understand ourselves.  This clarity is what brings us to confidently define your greatest value and your best career fit.

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Fun Fact

We as humans can get testy at times, especially when we're under pressure or stress.  If we pay attention to what seriously irritates us, that can also be a clue to the temperament that we are!  So if you're a Guardian, you could very well feel yourself become stressed when resources are wasted and people don't follow proper procedures.

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