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Idealist - Their World

You will find that Idealists make up a smaller portion of the population at about 15%.  Yet when you find an Idealist, you shouldn't be surprised to find a group of them as they tend to rally around their cause and mission together.

Instead of talking about what they observe, Idealists prefer to talk about what can be... what can be see with the mind's eye!  Idealists also have a deep connection to people and because of this they can at times be considered to have a sixth sense that the other temperaments don't have in the way they hard wiring.

The Idealist Temperaments

Idealislt Temperaments (2)

Each of the 4 Idealists have similar preferences, yet each unique temperament has it's own way of doing things.  It's critical in our careers (and lives) to understand our preferred style because that reminds us where we can give the greatest value.  So many times we don't see our greatest value as valuable because that is the thing that comes so easy to us.  Yet that's the thing that when we tap into it, we can soar in terms of our value and how much of a difference we can make.

I will always bring up character as we discuss career and temperament because it takes both our temperament and our character (our experiences, values & habits) to understand ourselves and define our greatest value and best career fit.

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Fun Fact

On a good day when things are going our way, we can easily let things roll off our backs.  Yet when things aren't going well and we're under pressure or stress, our preferences come to the forefront.  If you're an Idealist, you likely could become irritated if someone is treating you impersonally.  In addition, you could become annoyed if an individual creates chaos and breaks the harmony of the group of people you're talking with.