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Rational - Their World

Rationals are the most rare of the temperaments, and speak of (and see in their minds) conceptual things.  These are the "what can be's" of the world.  If you make an effort not to waste words and tend not to state the obvious, you could be a Rational.

Rationals are at their best when they are devising strategy around systems as they work to increase the efficient operations of those systems.  Because of this you will find rationals being in flow when they are constructing and reconstructing complex systems.  They more tools and knowledge they've acquired over time, the more complex the systems will need to be to keep them interested and in flow.

Rational Temperaments

Just like the other temperaments, these 4 Rationals have similar preferences to each other.  Yet you will find that there is a clear difference between their styles and how they best bring value to the people around them. 

As a reminder, we need to combine the information about our temperament and our character here because it takes both our temperament and character pieces to understand ourselves and define where the best fit will be in our careers and lives.

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Fun Fact

When under pressure or stress, Rationals can become irritated if they are asked to do something that doesn't make sense especially when there is no reason for it.  Because rationals trust their sense of reasoning (versus authority), a boss or executive that doesn't know what they're doing can frustrate and annoy them because in a Rational's eyes, that is not reasonable!

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