Some days I simply feel lost.


Have you ever wondered where you fit into the world?

All of us have had days where we wake up and find ourselves feeling a bit lost.  I know this can be a very lonely time.

1. It’s okay 🙂

Embrace the fact  that  there are times in your life when things pause and  you don't have all the answers.  Taking the time to understand what's going on and connecting with the things that are important to you and your core being (temperament) is the first step.  It's an opportunity to build more happiness into your life.l

2. Be aware.

Being lost and feeling lonely can simply be a sign that you’re in search of something. It’s when we’re in these times that some of our greatest leaps in life can come about.

Being lost and alone can actually be a positive overall as it forces us to come face to face with truths going on with us.   Embracing this time as time for you, and having the courage to find the truth of what is going on with you, can result in a happier you!

4. Acknowledge who you are.

Perhaps you feel a sense of loneliness or being lost because your life circumstances have taken you away from who others know to be you. This time surely could have come about because you have been moving into a time of self awareness, realizing that the life you'd been living wasn't making you happy and you need to life a life that is more " you"!

5. Recognize and Reward Yourself.

We all feel lost at times in our life.  Recognizing you're in one of these times and using it to practice self awareness and getting to the root cause of what's really going on for you is really just one of life's processes 🙂   Having this awareness and rewarding yourself as you move through the changes can have you embracing  your "next"!

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