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Hi!  A Note to Let You Know it's Here : )

Your Career Dynamics webinar is now available for sign-up!


For those of you who know your temperament type, you're good to go!  This can be either the 4 letter personality type or temperament  (Guardian, Artisan, Idealist, Rational.)  If you don't know yours, no worries.  HERE'S the link to the free Keirsey assessment.  No need to purchase the report as understanding which of the 4 types you are is all you'll need for the training.

The Career Dynamics webinar is being offered for free for the first time! 

If you've felt a bit stuck and are wondering how to further your career in something that engages you and fits the life you want to lead, this is the course to get you headed down that right path.

You’ll learn how to lead with your innate talents to grow your career in a way that fits who you are and on your terms.  It will also help you make purposeful decisions as you move forward with your career (or business) and life decisions!

WHEN:  The date is Tuesday March 21st from 7:00 - 8:00 pm (GMT).
For those of you in the USA - this will be 2:00 PM for you, and for those in the UK, 7:00 PM for you.

You and your friends can register here!


After registering, you will receive a confirmation e-mail about joining the webinar.

Looking forward to seeing you on the webinar next week! - Jeanne

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