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Grow your skill set and have access to hundreds of people and process tools while learning your preferred style of leadership to advance your career.

Providing You the Tools to Build Your Expertise and Career

High Performance Leadership Program

Bringing 20+ years of people and process knowledge and tools to high potential employees that achieve superior business results.

In today's work environment, employees are tasked with creating value while managing change, and today's high performers need to tackle complicated problems and communicate more effectively than ever before.

Coaching done in "real time" has taken over as the most effective way to build high performing employees.  For high performers, the best way to learn is to get what they need, when they need it to keep themselves moving forward and showing value and growth.

I bring over 20 years of coaching experience in developing leaders.  Through this proven approach, the learning and delivery is sustainable and drives positive results for you, your team members and your organization.






Verify & Review Assessment

The core foundation of high performance coaching is understanding your innate preferences (temperament).  This information helps sort out those behaviors that are easy to change from those that are hard-wired.  It also gives insight into your innate talents, preferred communication and leadership styles to help you embrace those and understand how best to utilize these to succeed in your role and achieve the business results desired.  

It is when you understand your preferences and the preferences of others that conversations open up and communication takes on a new life that makes it easier to achieve results together.

Define Goals and Action Plan

The coaching criteria includes setting clear expectations with you leader.  From here we'll go through a discovery session to ensure we have all the "data" to define where you're at today so we can quickly have you growing and achieving your goals.

1 to 1 High Performance Coaching

Together we will work hands on to deliver what you need, when you need it to develop your knowledge and capabilities to achieve results.

Proven people and process tools to maximize your effectiveness.

Purposeful exercises to build your confidence and understanding.

Action items to maximize your growth.

This focus on specific business needs moves you past any personal road blocks you have to achieve the business results needed to excel in your role.  We will address what is important, yet add that all important "why" to help you develop a deep understanding that will grow your knowledge, skills and career.  Most importantly, we'll work to get to the root cause to ensure we're working on the right things that will grow your performance and career.

Review Results and Define New Actions

We'll define what you've accomplished, what's working, and continually refine what isn't to ensure you're gaining the greatest value and growth from the coaching sessions.  We'll also work hand in hand with your leader to set new goals and action plans as you grow to keep you moving forward.


Jeanne Patti 200

I'd like to offer you a free phone consultation to hear more about where you're at today and your career goals moving forward.  In addition, we can take the time to answer any questions you may have to learn if this is a good fit for you and your organization.


Jeanne has been amazing to work with! She is very engaging and passionate about her work, and does an excellent job of mentoring and coaching to Process Improvement strategies, Change Management and using your temperament to find and do what you love! I would highly recommend Jeanne!.

Devin - Madison, Wisconsin

Few have the opportunity to work with someone who is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about coaching high potential employees to achieve superior business results – but I did when I worked with Jeanne. I have had the pleasure working with Jeanne for the past year collaborating on creating a culture of process improvement at WEA Trust. Jeanne’s upbeat personality and presentation style instantly embraces participants in a room. She brought extensive leadership and a repeatable tool set including People Tools & Process Tools which made our time together a great success. Any individual or employer would be lucky to work Jeanne Patti.

Josh - Madison, Wisconsin

I can definitively say this was one of the most valuable investments of time I have made in a very long time. Frequently the missing link between knowledge and action is 'context'; the understanding of why something matters and how it can be applied to one in their own unique situation.   Jeanne addresses all so you can apply the information instantly.  Her sizeable bank of knowledge and experience is without question.

Michael - Australia

I have had the privilege of participating in Jeanne Patti’s Improvement & Leadership Training.  She is an incredible teacher with a unique ability to convey the skills and her passion about process improvement. This was the most well thought out and delivered training I have ever experienced.

Joe - USA

Jeanne has a true passion for improvement.  She uses real life working examples to reinforce her messages. Jeanne is an awesome instructor and I would recommend her training to anyone that has the opportunity to participate.

Cheryl - USA

Jeanne has an amazing wealth of knowledge at her fingertips and shared some incredibly useful tools with me to grow me in my career and leadership skills.  She has helped me understand my talents and understand how continuous improvement   and taking action every day are key to growth.  Most importantly, has helped me keep going when I might have given up!

She also trained me on 'temperament' which has been brilliant in understanding myself and other people better, which I've been able to incorporate in my work. Throughout our work,  I felt like Jeanne really had my back and was 100% committed to helping me move forward.  Thank you Jeanne!

Marietta - Spain

I have worked with Jeanne Patti for a number of years.  She has the tools that help us unlock the untapped potential of our most valuable asset…our people. Jeanne’s diverse experience has been invaluable in helping us understand both our people and business processes and how the two interact while undergoing change and change management. It is through this understanding that we have been able to align both our people and business processes with our strategic plan.

Ted Juszczyk
VP Operations
Baird & Associates
International Consulting Engineering Firm


We've been in business for over 85 years but we found ourselves dealing with the same old issues. It was then that we invited Jeanne into our business and what a relief that was. She was able to look at things from her experience in both people and process and made recommendations that were in the best interest for our company as a whole. Since meeting with Jeanne, we have already seen significant impact with our people and we are looking forward to having her back to complete our transition. I would highly recommend the services of Jeanne Patti.

Tom Leatherberry
Sales Manager
Wells Print and Digital Services

Certified Manager of Quality and Excellence - American Society of Quality

Senior member since 2007

Certified Temperament Specialist - Keirsey

Assessed, trained and coached 1000+ individuals


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Jeanne was hands down the best mentor I have had in my career. I have applied the tools that she taught particularly with process improvement; in several different businesses.  I also gained great knowledge in how to effectively train both my team members as well as my clients!  Jeanne continues to be a valued mentor and I am privileged to have worked with her.

Megan - USA

I have had the recent pleasure of working with Jeanne, engaging in advisory sessions that have been nothing short of brilliant!

Jeanne has a talent in providing proactive solutions and getting to the core of issues very quickly, providing relevant tools at every stage of the process.  The sessions have been motivating and help rebuild my confidence, yet most importantly for me they have also been very practical and provided tools that have really helped my progression, allowing me to get a clear focus in a short time frame.

The way she summarizes everything is just brilliant! It has brought everything together in one place where  I can focus on the right things as I continue developing my growth.  To have this information and guidance is exceptional!

Kathy - UK

If you want to work with someone who will not only deliver results but do it in a way that is fun and engaging then Jeanne is definitely the person you are looking for.

Macca PhD - UK