Is your job asking you to be two separate people?

How you prefer to make things happen and get things done in the work place can look quite different from how someone else you work with prefers to do things.


If we take a look at our core temperament (the one we were born with) we'll find that different temperaments prefer to get things done in very different ways.


Let's take a look at four of the sixteen temperaments and how each prefers to make things happen.

IN CHARGE:   Guardian Supervisors (ESTJ's) prefer to make things happen by being in charge.


INDEPENDENTLY:   Idealist Counselors (INFJ's) prefer to make things happen by working independently and alone.


COLLABORATION:   Artisan Performers (ESFP's) prefer to make things happen through collaboration with others.


ACCOMMODATION:   Rational Architects (INTP's) prefer to make things happen through accommodation of others.

What happens in our roles when we are asked to be 2 or 3 or even 4 different people with different preferences? If we are spending more time making things happen in ways that are not natural for us, we can very quickly loose energy and become less engaged in our roles.


If your position requires you (for example) to work independently, lead others, and demonstrate collaboration to get things done, it's a great time to open up the conversation with your leader. You can begin by sharing your preference of how you like to make things happen versus what you have learned in practice, and how much time is dedicated to each every week.


When we focus on getting things done in the way that fits us best, our performance and engagement naturally increases. How we bring the best of ourselves to our jobs and the world begins with understanding our innate preferences, and spending much more time doing those things that are natural to us!

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