Is There a Secret to Self-esteem in the Workplace?

Did you ever wonder why some of your co-workers seem completely engaged and confident in their jobs and others no so much?

As some of you may know, there are 4 core temperaments and we're each born with 1 (and no, we don't get to choose).  Yet did you know that each of the 4 temperaments have innately different ways by which we gain self-esteem and self-confidence?  Here's a brief summary for each of the 4 temperaments.


  • Guardian Temperament:  For Guardian's, self-esteem is gained when you're able to act and be seen by others as dependable.  Your self-confidence grows when you're being respected and viewed as respectable by others.


  • Idealist Temperament:  The Idealist's self-esteem is alive and well when you're able to act in an empathic way.  Your self-confidence is gained when you're able to be and live as your authentic self.


  • Artisan Temperament:  The Artisan's self-esteem flourishes when you're able to do things in an artistic way (in the greater sense of the word).  Your self-confidence thrives when you're acting and being seen by others as adaptable.


  • Rational Temperament:  For the Rational, self-esteem is gained when you're able to spend your time being cleverly inventive.  Self-confidence is gained when you're able to act in a determined way.


As you can easily see, the 4 temperaments have very different ways in which they build their self-esteem and self-confidence.  Therefore, as you choose your next position in your career, these temperament dynamics should be used as  your core filter in determining a fit.


For example, if a Guardian is going to be in a position where thy cannot act in a dependable and respectable way, what would be the point of taking the role if you may not be able to get out of bed in the morning (low self-esteem / low self-confidence)?  Yet, that same position might be a great fit for an Artisan who thrives with their artistic and adaptable ways!


As you're searching for your next role in your career, this is a nifty little tool that surely could have a grand impact on your happiness and being able to jump out of bed in the morning.

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