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I feel strongly about the impact Jeanne's coaching has made on me. We are all going to have a different scenario of why we need help in our professional lives. For me, I was on rinse and repeat and never quite happy.

Jeanne Patti is amazing.I chose her out of a rather large group of professional coaches because not only did she talk about helping me find me, it was backed up with clear processes. Each step along the way makes sense. Not only telling you where you are good (most important!) but also guiding me away from places where I was spinning my wheels. During the first 10 minutes of talking with her live, she figured out the #1 area where I needed help.  So while she is backed by science, test results and *gasp* the homework she gives, it is that something extra Jeanne can put her finger on that makes her the best. 

Casey O'Brien
Business Development Leader
Detroit, MI

Mya Wilson

I was in need of career coaching and lucked up. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to work with Jeanne. My expectations were exceeded as I got more out of the experience than expected. Jeanne’s ability to use the program exercises to guide me in making connections about my career and myself was amazing. I am still in awe of how much we accomplished. I am so grateful to Jeanne for helping me understand my value and develop a greater sense of awareness as I move forward toward a more fulfilling career. If I had to do it all again, I’d stick with Jeanne.

Mya Wilson
Leadership & Diversity Consultant
Chicago, IL

Dan Noerpel

Jeanne is truly a special human. Her insight, enthusiasm and compassion are just what I needed to recalibrate my direction professionally. Her ability to so clearly define the steps we were going to take and how everything built on everything else we had done made starting this journey and moving through it so calming. It also gave me confidence that this investment in myself was based in facts, evidence and experience which was important to me. I can not recommend Jeanne and her process highly enough. I’m truly grateful for it and excited for the path I am continuing on. Know Jeanne and start knowing yourself so much better!

Dan Noerpel
Strategy & Insight Leader
Kansas City, MO

Angela Hoehnen

Jeanne and I worked together this past year really exploring my next steps in my professional career. She is a truly inspiring coach who has deep experience in directing you to make the right decisions based on your core values and work style. She really helps you dig to find what type of work makes you happy and successful. I would not have acted on that without her insight, experience and direction to point that out. I liked her out of the box thinking and her ability to help me come up with all the things in my personal and work life that makes me happy. This mentorship is something I value and I will continue to work with her as I grow in my career. I would highly recommend hiring Jeanne

Angela Hoehnen
Sales Account Executive
Milwaukee, WI  

John Southard 2020

Jeanne's proven process and genuine passion for helping people turned out to be not only career-changing, but also life-changing. She enabled and inspired me to identify my true career passions and skills. Jeanne then showed me how to transform those passions into a joyful career. We constantly hear about finding a job and career that we love, but for so many that is just another idealistic cliche. Yet Jeanne masterfully turns that "do what you love" adage into a reality. If you follow her process and complete the work on your end, I am confident you will ultimately find a joyful career and a revitalized life in general, regardless of your background and experience.

John Southard
Design Learning Expert
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX


I could literally write a book on how Jeanne has helped me get a clear vision of where I am in my career journey. Purpose and clarity were, let's just say cloudy at best and by working with Jeanne not only has my purpose and vision for the future become crystal clear, the excitement, energy and pure desire has been restored. All thanks to my career plan orchestrated by my sessions and relationship with Jeanne. To say she is good at what she does, is a huge understatement. Jeanne's attention to detail, organization and process to get your clear vision is 2nd to none. I can't recommend Jeanne enough, if you have the smallest doubt on your career path, do not hesitate, reach out to Jeanne today, she will guide you and help you find your purpose and career vision that will last the rest of your life.

Chris Barr
Business Development Leader
Schaumburg, IL


What can I say about Jeanne :). I was very opened-minded when I started my sessions but I did not expect to get as much out of it as I have so far. Evaluation of oneself is usually a very hard/uncomfortable thing to do for most people but Jeanne makes it really easy and makes you dig deep which is really necessary in order to get the best out of her services. Not only that I find my time with her just generally enjoyable even just to simply have open and honest conversations with about life, she is definitely someone I will remain in contact with after coaching and I already have/will continue to recommend her to anyone I know who is seeking career guidance/coaching. 

Narteh Johnson
Project Management Consultant
London, UK

Michelle Rudolph

When Jeanne and I connected, I was stuck feeling like I'd never find a job that would truly fit me. Jeanne, with the self-assured manner that comes from rich experience, took me on a journey to find myself and pin down the aspects of a career that I need to be truly fulfilled. Because of Jeanne, I have a direction I am confident in, I feel prepared to tackle the job market, and I have a great understanding of how to assess a career to determine if it will make me happy. Plus she's a joy to work with!

Michelle Rudolph
Senior Product Manager
Chicago, IL

John Stotts

I was referred to Jeanne by a friend who also happened to be a very satisfied client of hers. Jeanne and her program have been invaluable in my career transition process...her structure, guidance and overall support were transformative for me! Jeanne's approach is truly holistic, starting by understanding the individual and their strengths/weaknesses and interests. From there, Jeanne prepared and guided me through every step of my search process, helping me build the best profiles, resumes, interview approaches, networking habits and much more in between. She helped me present myself, skills and experience in a way that opened doors and opportunities. Jeanne has been instrumental in my search process and success! In addition, her guidance on how to better engage and network in today's social media professional networks will stay with me going forward. Cheers, A Satisfied Customer! 

John Stotts
Commodities Position Director 
Elmhurst, IL

Renata France

Wow, where to start!? Working with Jeanne has been nothing short of amazing and transformative. Her approach to coaching is holistic, personalized, authentic and pragmatic. She speaks from a deep well of experience that she masterfully weaves into her coaching. Jeanne has helped me gain much needed clarity around my career path, but more importantly around my personal growth. She's helped me look not only forward, but backward too. Sometimes we have to recognize where we've been and who we are before we can create vision for what lies ahead. Jeanne is my go-to coach and I'm looking forward to my next chapter with her! 

Renata France
Career Coach and Technologist
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN


Jeanne was a strategic coach and inspirational cheerleader throughout my career transition. She helped me to better understand myself, including personal strengths and transitional skills. Jeanne never gave up on me throughout my journey, she continually counselled me and gave sound advice throughout the career search process. She was determined to see me through the finish line, going above and beyond the call of duty throughout the journey. 

Stephen Trudeau
Training, Development & Instructional Design 
Minneapolis - St. Paul, MN  

Michael Kulisch

When I first came to Jeanne for career counseling, I had no understanding of the outcomes that would come from her coaching, experiences, and demeanor. From our very first conversation, I knew that she would be an important influence on my life and career path. I expected to learn how to better market myself for a new job. What I didn't expect was just how much Jeanne would show me about myself, and how willing she was to go to any length to keep me motivated and progressing down my path. Jeanne is a truly marvelous coach, but even more so, an amazing human being. She has helped me so much to not only realize my achievements and accomplishments, but she has helped me to realize exactly what I want out of my life and career. I cannot thank Jeanne enough for her open and honest communication, her dedication to see me succeed, and her true passion for what she does each and every day! I cannot recommend Jeanne highly enough!

Michael Kulisch
Multi-Unit Retail Expert
Madison, WI

Andy Hillig

Jeanne has been so refreshing and the ignitor to help me unleash interests and talents I had suppressed over the years. Jeanne saw something in me I wasn’t willing to let surface. She challenged me and forced me to be vulnerable. Thanks to her style, approach, and structured coaching I am so much happier in my career and achieving success much sooner than I expected. The saying goes: “if you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life!” If you are struggling to enjoy work and want to discover your purpose and meaning, you need to work with Jeanne!

Andy Hilling
Executive Coach and Advisor
Milwaukee, WI

Sarah W

Finding Jeanne has been a gift. She has helped me articulate my best career path forward that will not only lead to greater feelings of success but also to greater feelings of personal fulfillment. Jeanne's genuine desire to help people on their journey is a rarity. She has become part of my professional and personal support networks. I feel very fortunate to have found her. 

Sarah Weber
Doctor of Holistic Medicine
Milwaukee, WI


Jeanne has a unique way of leveraging temperament information to help lead you to a career and life that is the perfect fit for you. This is not like any other training you've ever received. She personalizes her process to ensure you have a strong understanding of your core temperament and uses this to highlight your talents, needs, and passions. She also provides guidance to help you through the change process.  When you feel lost in your career and need help finding direction, Jeanne is the person I would recommend. Her sessions build nicely off one another and were spot on to help me get back on top of my game.

Julie Utter
Quality Improvement Leader
Madison, WI

Sylke Vonk II

Jeanne has given me the tools to understand the value of my talent as a person and a professional. She offers a powerful program to discover these talents both intrinsic to building your professional confidence and, ultimately, your professional happiness. During her course, Jeanne guides you on your journey of many AHA! moments and offers practical insight into how to pursue opportunities waiting just for YOU. I enjoyed every step of the way of Jeanne's personalized and flexible approach to getting a fresh look at my professional worth.

Sylke Vonk
German / English Translation Professional
Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany


I engaged Jeanne when I needed assistance in relation to a challenging career change that I was contemplating. From the outset, Jeanne was a source of focus and confidence. She uses highly effective questioning techniques as part of her thorough processes and systems. She has an excellent ability to analyse the verbal responses and those from the homework. This enabled her to identify in detail, the best types of work for me to focus on, based on my temperament, personality type and lifestyle plans. This left me feeling confident and motivated about my direction. Her nature makes working with her a pleasure. Overall Jeanne delivers results and great value.

Gary Lucas
CEO Financial Services
Victoria, Australia


Jeanne's career coaching program and teaching on temperament has significantly helped me clarify my thoughts, actions and passions that drive me personally and professionally. I think her approach is different and more valuable from many other coaches who do not utilize temperament because it addresses who you really are, allowing you to make better and more effective decisions that align with your personality. Jeanne’s process will empower you and give you the tools and direction to help you make the changes you want in your career and life.

Scott Corsi
Progressive Consumer Goods Executive
Milwaukee, WI


Where to begin! Jeanne is not only a professional but her knowledge in branding goes far beyond just branding. I worked with Jeanne and noticed a difference within my thinking and approach to making a career change immediately . She's not only a great listener but she has a way of allowing you to bring things out of yourself that you never knew existed. Within in three days of my "rebranding", I was contacted by a recruiter-- and the rest is history. This would have never been possible without the assistance of Jeanne's extraordinary Career Coaching. If you are looking to work with a Career Coach, I would highly recommend Jeanne Patti.

Sandy Watson
HR Data & Operations Specialist
Chicago, IL


I have had the recent pleasure of working with Jeanne, engaging in coaching sessions that have been nothing short of brilliant! Her ability to ask the right questions and get to the root of things quickly has been wonderful. The sessions have been motivating and helped rebuild my confidence. Most importantly for me they have also been very practical and provided tools that have really helped my progression, allowing me to get a clear focus in a short time frame. Jeanne has a talent for providing proactive solutions and getting to the core of issues very quickly, providing relevant tools at every stage of the process.

Chris Gundersen
Digital Solutions Architect
Oak Brook, IL


Jeanne is more than a coach – she’s a mentor, confidant, and friend. Jeanne helped me identify my passions, temperament, and values so I could gain clarity on my future path that would be the best fit for me. Along the way, Jeanne took time to get to understand me and share how all the pieces fit together into my life. Jeanne’s enthusiasm and encouragement, along with being able to easily and effectively articulate directions, excited me every step of the way. She truly is your own personal cheerleader and wants you to succeed. Jeanne pushed me to think out of the box so I could understand how to get unstuck. Between her guidance, knowledge and resources I have the tools needed to forge my path. I highly recommended working with Jeanne – it’s a life-long decision you won’t regret.

Lindsay Hutton
Lifestyle Event and Brand Embassador
Great Minneapolis, MN


Jeanne really understands what I need when it comes to taking my business forward. She's helped me to understand my personality and temperament better and work with them rather than against them. The work that we have done together has given me focus and direction as well as an anchor for that focus and direction. Embracing and valuing what I have already has given me my confidence and self-belief back to follow the strategies that I need to take my business and vision forward. Thank you Jeanne for pushing me forward and making business development enjoyable and exciting! 

Claryn Nicholas
Career & Life Coach for Women
Peterborough, United Kingdom

Emily Hoeft

Jeanne is magical! She has the uncanny power to make you see yourself in a new, positive light. She brings out your best qualities and challenges you to think hard about what matters to you. Her compassion, thoughtfulness and understanding of temperament is unseen anywhere else. I am so thankful I have had the opportunity to work with Jeanne. She is a life-changer, heart-changer, and perspective-changer. She has a true gift. I 100% recommend Jeanne if you're not sure where to take your life/career.

Emily Hoeft
Community Engagement & Education Leader
Greater Milwaukee, WI


 Jeanne helped me gain a better understanding of my working preferences. She also helped me really understand the job search process. From updating my resume and understanding the true value of keywords to negotiating a better salary, Jeanne’s expertise and coaching was invaluable. Jeanne is a wonderful coach and an asset to anyone looking to advance their professional career 

Eric Vallee
Digital Marketing & Inbound Expert
Waukesha, WI

Matt Hein

Working with Jeanne was a great, life-changing experience and an investment in yourself! She brings a wealth of lifetime working knowledge and real world experience when working with you. In having known Jeanne for years prior, it helped level set the conversation and move quicker towards the working sessions. The LinkedIn “remodel” of yourself and the development of the Career Guide were instrumental in the physical take-aways of the engagement. I used my Career Guide multiple times after we finished and it provided a mechanism for grounding my discussions going forward. Jeanne’s enthusiasm for what she does really shows and she has a skill set unlike any that I have seen.

Matt Hein
Commercial Account Executive
Madison, WI

Michael Back

I recently had the pleasure of career coaching with Jeanne and can definitively say it was one of the most valuable investments of time I have made in a very long time. In the time Jeanne and I spent together, she gave me so much value. She asked insightful questions, she took the time to truly listen and her sizeable bank of knowledge and experience was without question. But her 'x-factor' is most definitely the energy, enthusiasm and heart in which she engages with people. It seem as if the phrase 'lean into whatever you do' was written to describe Jeanne! Her care and passion is completely infectious and she leaves a part of her with everyone she comes across. Hopefully you'll be fortunate enough to benefit from her many gifts one day as well.

Michael Back
Customer Experience Enthusiast
Sydney, Australia


Jeanne has an amazing ability to take you from a place that feels like you are an extra in a B rate movie you dislike, to being the star, scriptwriter and producer of your own dream movie. She whips you up into a frenzy of possibility, and sets you on your way with new tools and a fresh outlook on what you have to offer and how to achieve it. I had tried other career coaches prior to connecting with Jeanne, now I need never look back. Do it - you won't regret it!

Sarah Cairns
IT Transformation Leader
London, England UK

Chris Rains

 I am proud to recommend Jeanne to coach anyone who has taken that scary, initial step and has admitted to himself that he needs guidance in career transition. Through our work together, Jeanne has worn so many different hats - coach, friend, mentor, counselor, cheerleader...the list goes on. Jeanne's special talents lie in helping you pinpoint YOUR talents - both known as well as untapped - and provides maps to get you to where you want to be. My guarantee is that Jeanne will uncover or remind you of your strengths if they have been buried or forgotten. These abilities of Jeanne are what will empower you and make it possible for you to create changes!

Chris Rains
Compensation Leader
Kansas City, MO

Adam Lewis

Where do I start other then Jeanne was amazing to work with. She took the time and stuck with me even after our workshops had ended. She was there to give me advice and ready me for interviews and applying to move my career forward. I cannot recommend her enough, if you are feeling stuck in your career or you are looking to find your next move, Jeanne is the person to go with.

Adam Lewis
Safety & Risk Expert
Chicago, IL

Chris Cashell

Jeanne and I have worked together for the past year - Jeanne as my coach and mentor. It was the best decision I made to get her insight into my leadership style and to help me identify the blind spots that we all have but cant find without someone with the insight and experience to point them out. It has been a wonderful journey with Jeanne to learn more about myself and where I should be focused. She has been there every step of the way and continues to be my trusted advisor when I need it most. I recommended Jeanne to colleagues of mine due to way she has helped shaped my path forward and clarified my key decisions that I have made. The close working relationship we have now continues as I forge forward in my career.

Chris Cashell
PMO Executive
Cork, Ireland


I can say without hesitation that if you're looking for a career change or help with your resume or LinkedIn profile that Jeanne is the person you want. She spends time learning about you and what you need. She never wastes time on things you don't. She has great understanding of the market and how to brand yourself to get noticed. Always enthusiastic and positive she can work with any problems you have. I wish I had found her sooner. The best money you will spend for career assistance.

Kevin Weiler
Financial Futures Trader
Chicago, IL

Wendy Bell

Upon reflecting where I was a year ago- in the midst of seeking a new career after 25 years of teaching, I can’t believe I truly made the transition to where I am today! Jeanne Patti’s professional guidance and continued support as a career coach strengthened my decision, in seeking a new career, and was essential for my own personal growth. I wouldn’t have been equipped with the proper tools to tackle this adventure so that I could continue to grow to my greatest potential without Jeanne’s expertise. I thought my new career would be one which wouldn’t involve teaching. But after intentionally reflecting on my strengths and interests, I am now a humane educator, where I work with other like-minded people who help people help animals! In this role, I am responsible for leading educational outreach programs on behalf of this organization. I help design and develop educational opportunities that promote animal welfare and also help bring the values and philosophies of the organization to the community. Happily, I am now involved in a new career that allows me to feel respected as a team member where my voice is heard. I continue to learn and expand my thinking so that I am fully invested and empowered. My true self was discovered through working with Jeanne Patti and I am so thankful to have found my true fit.

Wendy Bell
Educator and Trainer
Madison, WI


Jeanne has this awesome ability to bring clarity to the lives of others. She assisted me in identifying my passions, core values, temperament, and abilities so that I may forge a new path. I went from wondering what I was going to do with my career, to finally having a clear direction to follow. She has been a great coach, and the resources she has given me will guide me for many years to come. I highly recommend working with Jeanne and allowing her the opportunity to have a positive impact on who you are, who you will be, and all of the amazing things you will do.

Ashley Meyer
Human Resource Consultant
Chicago, IL

Kathy Plaskitt

I have had the recent pleasure of working with Jeanne, engaging in coaching sessions that have been nothing short of brilliant! Her ability to ask the right questions and get to the root of things quickly has been wonderful. The sessions have been motivating and helped rebuild my confidence. Most importantly for me they have also been very practical and provided tools that have really helped my progression, allowing me to get a clear focus in a short time frame. Jeanne has a talent for providing proactive solutions and getting to the core of issues very quickly, providing relevant tools at every stage of the process.

Kathy Plaskitt
Producer and Film Maker
London, England UK


I feel fortunate to have worked with Jeanne in my career change process. Her deep understanding of personality and temperament and how they affect our everyday habits provided great insight into finding what works best for each individual. There was no solution-jumping, only a well thought process of discovery that ultimately lead to learning more about myself and what things "fit" for my career path. The joy she has for her work shines through in all of her interactions.

Kent Erickson
Senior Institutional Trade Specialist
Chicago, IL

Marietta Sandilands

Working with Jeanne has been revelatory, revolutionary and fun! I've completed Jeanne's Career Training and her passion and enthusiasm for all things temperament are infectious.  This combined with her deep knowledge and experience made our sessions packed full of learning and lightbulb moments for me! I love what she taught so much that I can't help sharing it with people! 

Working with Jeanne is an enthusiastic partnership! she is totally dedicated to helping you find your thing at work, and is great fun to work with too, whilst being very reliable and always making time for you. If you need some help finding your thing- whether that's developing your own business or identifying areas of work where you will thrive, I highly recommend Jeanne.

Marietta Sandilands 
Healthcare Advisor
Madrid, Spain

John Davidson

 Jeanne helped me explore both my personal and career direction. She’s an inspiring, passionate and caring coach who helped me uncover my personality style, core values and work style. She helped me get unstuck and figure out the next steps I needed to take, in my career direction. Her out of the box thinking enhances her ability to identify skills and the work life that makes us happy. I deeply value her mentorship and continue to work with her to develop my career. I highly recommend Jeanne.

John Davidson
Senior Account Manager
Louisville, KY

Brian LeFevre

I highly recommend Jeanne. She is willing to go above and beyond the terms of agreement to ensure the necessary results are achieved. Her system and process allows for more than just cosmetic changes to get another job. It helps create an understanding of your innate ability and passions so your next step moves toward a fulfilling and rewarding career.

Brian LeFevre
Operations Consultant
Chicago, IL

Lauren Leopold

Jeanne's work on temperament and career dynamics is quite simply life changing. She not only takes the usual personality test assessment and adds a totally new and hugely insightful layer on top of it, she then helps you interpret that information to understand who you really are and what career is best suited to you. Work with her. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Lauren Davey
Content & Social Media Expert
London, England UK

Joyce S

Prior to getting in touch with Jeanne my confidence was at an all time low. I felt powerless and trapped in my job. Working through the exercises provided me with so many A-ha! moments that left me with such clarity.  My time with Jeanne has had a significant impact on where I see myself in the future. I have greater self belief, bundles of confidence and an improved understanding of what I need to be happy in my future roles as I grow my expertise and career.

Joyce Stack
Enterprise API Program Director
London, England UK


I got in touch with Jeanne when I was going through a time of transition in my career. She helped me gain clarity into the kind of work that would be meaningful and fulfilling for me in the long-run. Jeanne helped me gain laser focus on my career search, re-brand my LinkedIn profile, and her program brought out the self-knowledge I needed to describe my strengths during job interviews. I'm now working at a company that is a better fit for me (in terms of culture, the people I work with, the product, and the job itself) than I've ever had before. I couldn't have done it without Jeanne's help! I'd highly recommend her to anyone in a mid-career transition + seeking a more meaningful work life, and especially to those that are looking to make a significant change/jump in their career.

Derek Ralston
Agile Leader & Scrum Master
San Francisco, CA

Tim Williamson

I cannot believe the transformation that I have endured with “being stuck” in my mid life career...With Jeanne’s fantastic approach and coaching skills, I now have a clear path towards a passion that I will truly love. Thank you Jeanne Patti for all of your focused support!

Timothy Williamson
Culinary & Hospitality Management Consultant
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

Gabrielle 2017

Jeanne is an amazing Coach, with her bag of skills and supportive non-judgmental style, she has enabled me to take my Idealist temperament and soar even higher. Encouraging me to have the conviction to follow and achieve my goals. Jeanne's unique and creative coaching is exactly what I needed and will continue to utilize. Thank you Jeanne for making a difference in my life. 

Gabrielle McMahon
Health and Well-being Business Coach
Victoria, Australia


I now have a different perspective about LinkedIn thanks to Jeanne! When I started to work with Jeanne as my career coach I didn't know what to expect with the weekly sessions and exercises. Initially Jeanne needed to figure out who I was and what I wanted to do when I grew up. Jeanne had me take a temperament questionnaire and I was able to understand my personality. Each session along with the exercises built upon the previous, and each week I had a greater comprehension of who I was and what a powerful tool LinkedIn is for your career. Jeanne guided me in updating my resume and Linked profile and with those changes, my profile was showing up in more searches even without me actively looking for a career. Jeanne has been instrumental in guiding me in career decisions. Thank You Jeanne!!!!

Nick Rumoro
IT System Engineer
Chicago, IL


Jeanne's process was incredibly helpful to me! In spite of my reticence to use personality tests, this one felt very accurate, and her input on what I was seeing was especially valuable for understanding some of the choices I have made and how they worked for me, as well as what choices I want to make going forward. One of the best take-aways from the process is having so much clarity about the decisions I make, knowing I have looked closely at all my alternatives. But the best part of the process is Jeanne herself, being able to run my questions by her and receive her thoughtful answers, and just have her in my corner is amazing! I highly recommend working with Jeanne if you are trying to decide to enter new fields or wanting to ensure that you are in the right one to start out with! 

Andrea Friedman
Career and Life Coach
Chicago, IL

Chantal 2020

I can't say enough about how happy I am to have worked with Jeanne to help clarify what direction I should take my career/business. Her Career Program's process is extremely helpful at putting everything into perspective and providing a clear plan on moving forward. Her positive attitude is infectious and she genuinely cares about her client's success.

Chantal Drouin-Charters
Data Management & Analytics Consultant
Waterloo, Ontario - Canada

Fiona 2020

Jeanne has an amazing wealth of knowledge about temperament, and is brilliant at explaining how our individual temperament and experiences combine to make us who we are. I've found her insights to be (scarily) accurate, and she's helped me to see why some work environments and positions have suited me better than others. A big surprise for me though has been finding out how this knowledge can improve relationships, by highlighting the fact that people communicate differently and need support in different ways, at different times. I'd highly recommend working with Jeanne.

Fiona Makowski
Anatomic Pathologist turned Olive Grower
Hobart, Tasmania

Regina Schmidt

Regina' Update:  I'm still using things that I learned in Jeanne's coaching more than 3 years ago! I've learned so much about myself, really understood what I am good at - what didn't seem so special but can really make a difference for my clients. Thank you!

I was really surprised how well Jeanne knows me! The career sessions with Jeanne helped me to get to know myself better and they brought old ideas to the surface I had forgotten about. In addition, Jeanne showed me tools that I can reuse again and again. Her enthusiasm is incredibly motivating and she is always checking in to make sure we get as much from the training as possible by doing our homework. I warmly recommend both Jeanne's career and the temperament/relationship dynamics sessions.

Regina Schmitt 
Fitness Instructor
Fürstenwalde/Spree Trebus, Brandenburg, Germany


Working with Jeanne has been very rewarding! She is very passionate about her work and enjoys sharing her knowledge about human behaviors, personalities and its impact on professional life. She does an excellent job of articulating very clear actions that helps you to progress your professional career to the next level. She is very flexible and pleasant to work with and is full of energy. I wish Jeanne a lot of success and highly recommend her to others as well.

Dhairyashil Patil
Global Engineering Leader
Rockford, IL


I knew immediately that I wanted to work with her when I met her as her passion for Temperament and drive to help people either at work or in life in general was inspiring.

With her guidance I have been able to put together a course to helps scientists leave the lab and pursue a career they are passionate about.  Jeanne's extensive experience coupled with her enthusiasm, friendly and approachable personality as well as her commitment to the cause no doubt will continue to change people's lives over the coming months and years.

If you want to work with someone who will not only deliver results but do it in a way that is fun and engaging then Jeanne is definitely the person you are looking for!

Suborno (Macca) Ghosh, PhD
Medical Scientist
London, England UK

Paige Stampfl

Jeanne’s process has not only helped me realize my strengths but also made me re-think characteristics that I have always considered weaknesses. Being younger than her average client, Jeanne was able to adapt her process to help me get my career started on the right tract. And even though our sessions are complete, she has stuck by me while I continue my job search. I would recommend her to any young professionals who need help discovering their true career path.

Paige Runde
Environmental Scientist 
Green Bay, Wisconsin


Working with Jeanne has been nothing short of a revelation. She not only wants to help you she does it with such passion and delight that she clearly enjoys the discoveries you yourself find on your journey and pushes you forward with ideas on how to explore them more. Temperament is something that I would never have thought would hold such relevance for career and or life direction. I would 100% recommend Jeanne and her work.

Lynn Elder
Textile Studio Manager
London, England UK

Janice Martinez

At a time in my life when I was unsure of my career path, I somehow came across Jeanne's profile. I reached out and she got me back on track. Her extensive knowledge of unveiling how you are "hard wired" makes sense of what feels right. I had been trying to fit into a round hole, but I was a square peg. I now have the tools to make my future what I want and what feels more natural. If you are questioning your career path, reach out to Jeanne, she will work with you until you have found what fuels your fire.

Janice Martinez
Account Manager & Relationship Builder
Chicago, Illinois


Jeanne does a great job of understanding her clients needs and helping them advance in their career search/self growth. I would recommend her to anyone that is truly looking to get back on track with their career and really finding the next step. She is very helpful and really knows her sandbox! Also has a structured program for her career coaching which is not easy to find. Her tailored program is well worth the money and time!

Rindy Rodkey
Account Manager
Westfield, IN


Jeanne does great work with individuals who want to find the best way to leverage themselves in their own business or to simply find who they are!

I loved connecting with her and she opened new avenues in my way of thinking as I grow my business! She not only is knowledgeable in her work but is a great resource to helping connect with new people!

Corey Digman 
Adult & Youth Fitness Coach
Madison, Wiscsonsin


Tom 2020

Jeanne was great at assisting me to identify my brand, and refine that brand. At first, Jeanne was first very good at listening to me and using some of her tools to identify what my brand should be and how that might fit in the larger scheme in the world. Jeanne did not tell me what the magic formula was she, guided me to discover it myself. She was very tactful when I was trying to go down the wrong path by pulling me back and refocusing on the right track.

Jeanne also taught me how to navigate around LinkedIn and to use its power. While doing all of this she taught me the value of being true to myself and still be a real entrepreneur in this modern virtual world. I highly recommend Jeanne to anyone trying to find their standing and place in the world!

Tom Fitzgerald 
Safety Consultant & Trainer
Manitowoc, WI


I had a complete lack of confidence in myself and my ability to transition into a more satisfying career. I really valued how positive Jeanne was and how she believed in me even when I didn't believe in myself. Jeanne uses a comprehensive approach in helping you get to know yourself: your strengths, your temperament, your passions, and your character. Jeanne has you go deep in investigating yourself. The process is thought-provoking, even uncomfortable, but necessary in helping you get to know and really be honest with yourself on your career aspirations. She is invaluable at helping reframe your perceptions of your strengths and weaknesses. I would absolutely work with Jeanne again and would recommend her to anyone looking to make a change in their career.

Demetra Lebessis 
Childhood Education and Literacy Specialist
Chicago, IL